map name agent orange
filename agent.bsp
author max "malevola" lawton
release date april. 23. 2001.
where? http://www.planetquake.com/mal/
game quake (1)
single player trick jump practice!
co-op more trick jump practice?
deathmatch w00t!
dm spawns 8
team dm probably
W34P0NX0R 1NF0X0R17471NG
axe heh, 5!
shotgun see above
s00per shotgun 3
nailgun none :(
perforator 2
pineappler 1
rocketlauncher 2
shafter 1
173M 1NF0X0R17471NG
wimpy armor 1
mid grade armor 1
scary mean armor 1
ring of eenveezibles 2
qu0d damage! 1
pent-0-cheatx0ring 1
megahealth 1
C0N57RUC710N 57UFF
editor QER + mapconv
textures converted quake2 textures
texture program texmex
base for level none (inspired by CZG07a, no brushes from said map were actually used)
construction time about 3 months
BSP program wqbsp
minlight 40
light program tyrlite
VIS level 4
vis program rvis+
4B0U7 4G3N7 0R4NG3
"What to do now, what to doooo...."
That's what it says at the very end of CZG07.txt
In case you haven't played CZG's Insomnia Pak, you should. It is one of the best Q1 SP paks ever. The architecture is amazing, the texturing is nearly flawless, the layout is astounding, and the gameplay is brilliant. Yes, I have run out of adjectives. So, naturally, what I did after playing this pak was to create an idea for a DM map. This one would be the most blatand ripoff ever. I planned on stealing every last bit of CZG07a and making it into a sweet-ass DM map. I think I have succeeded. All I know is that without CZG, this map would have never even begun. Sure I had been toying with the layout, but it was horrible. The architecture was bland and angular, the textures sucked, and it was a pretty lame map. Then, along came Insomnia. So I played it, soiled myself, and commenced building agent orange. There you have it.
Paul beta testing, feedback on the visuals and playability
NotoriousRAY beta testing, feedback on visuals
CardO beta testing, bug patrolling
Scampie bug feedback etc.
Shambler general bitching, being shambler, whining about Lady Marmalade
Fern rustling, releasing oxygen into the environment, general plantx0ring etc.
SleepwalkR for making mapconv
Tyrann for making tyrlite and rvis+
Any Others who may have been forgotten, thanks.
If you rip me off using any form of file transfer such as email, ftp, http, cd, or telekenesis, you shall have to kiss my ass. I will become irate with you and abuse the english language in your direction. you might not like it.