Cop The Flak

2 + Players players | Reviewed by DaZ - Tuesday 24th July 2001 @ 4:23pm

"Cop The Flak" is a DM map that makes use of TomazQuake's engine features for much improved look. Their is colored lights, nice skyboxes and some TGA textures thrown in as well to make the map look great. The style is a futuristic grey "gun metal" kind of look with nice strip lights surrounding the lower area and spotlights set into the walls in the upper areas. Lighting is good and color is used very well.

Its a shame that this map doesn't live up to its up to date looks in the playability department. the layout feels very random with little ledges and small platforms sticking out all over the place with no real route through the map. In some areas it even feels maze like. A 6 player game wasn't too crowded and as long as you dont mind a walk you can collect all the guns from around the map while happily fragging away.

Another thing is that you have to install the map into a "frikbot" folder in your quake folder, now this is fine if you have the frikbot but I don't and so had to extract files to their respective places in the id1 folder to get the map to run with all the extras (the map does work with normal quake, but no eye candy stuff is available).

2.5 out of 5.0

Download 1048Kb - 1076 downloads | no readme | Krust | no author site

#1. damn zipz ^

by BlackPope - Tuesday 24th July 2001 @ 5:25pm (

I dislike zipz that extract automatically to subdirectories

ie /quake/id1/maps.. because Everyone who downloads maps Im sure already has that directory in one of they're top ten extracting locations...

not a HUGE deal... but it bugs me from time to time... (especially when you don't know... and go to run the map and it can't find the .bsp...)

#2. You're so right.. ^

by Jay - Tuesday 24th July 2001 @ 8:36pm (

Give him your middle finger..

#3. Use winrar ^

by KrimZon - Thursday 26th July 2001 @ 2:41pm (

then you just browse through the folders inside winrar and copy all the relevant files across

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